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          March 11 marks a year since the World Health Organization declared that the novel coronavirus constituted a pandemic, reflecting the disease's global spread.

          A few days earlier, southern Oregon saw its first cases of the new virus. On March 23, Governor Kate Brown issued a stay-at-home order — the first in a series of countermeasures that shut down many businesses and shuttered schools.

          One year into the pandemic, distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is well underway, though the national supply chain continues to struggle in meeting demand. Oregon and California are still very much feeling the far-reaching impacts of living with coronavirus.

          Stay with NewsWatch 12 for updates as we track new developments in Oregon, California, and beyond.

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          Klamath Falls
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          Oregon education officials okay reduced classroom spacing, with some caveats

          Oregon DMV will start allowing online license renewals in May

          About half of Jackson County seniors have received COVID-19 vaccine, officials say

          Oregon won't say how much it has lost to unemployment fraud

          Police seeking accounts of Rogue Valley explosions

          Police officer among multiple people killed after gunman opens fire at Boulder, Colorado, grocery store

          Mt. Ashland announces extra spring weekend amid 'excellent' snow conditions

          Bernie Sanders making plans to push prescription drug reforms through reconciliation

          Small wildfire contained and put out in Merlin

          Everything you need to know about COVID-19 vaccinations in Oregon

          After years of debate, California finally adopts ethnic studies model curriculum

          Jackson County reports less than 400 cases of Covid-19 in the last two weeks

          Biden moves rapidly to shore up Obamacare and erase Trump's changes

          Supreme Court set to hear case pitting unions against agricultural business

          Oregon Democrats want to sanction Republican boycotters torpedoing progressive legislation

          Oregon reports 224 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases and 1 new death

          QUIZ: Which Flower Are You Most Like?

          Local cardiologist says she has seen the rise in Asian hate crimes

          Supreme Court agrees to review Boston Marathon bomber's death penalty case

          Biden officials traveling to Mexico amid surge of unaccompanied minors

          Online wildfire help

          Fencing around Capitol comes down more than 2 months after insurrection

          Gunshot victim found at Hog Creek boat ramp

          Insurance help for wildfire victims

          Oregon reports 339 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases, 5 new deaths

          15-year-old girl trying to become first female Eagle Scout in the Rogue Valley

          Oregon Coronavirus Cases

          Data is updated nightly.

          Cases: 161706

          Reported Deaths: 2365
          Hood River107629

          California Coronavirus Cases

          Data is updated nightly.

          Cases: 3644488

          Reported Deaths: 57622
          Los Angeles121475422815
          San Bernardino2898464004
          San Diego2679173494
          Santa Clara1136411907
          San Joaquin688551231
          Contra Costa64695734
          San Mateo39837543
          San Francisco34820456
          Santa Barbara32873435
          San Luis Obispo20260253
          Santa Cruz15225200
          El Dorado9374107
          San Benito583161
          Del Norte11036
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          Klamath Falls
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          Mostly sunny and seasonal Tuesday

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